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The devil has hijacked another word

in·clu·siv·i·ty (inklo͞oˈsivədē/):  An intention or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

Add this word (and it’s vjesus-woman-taken-in-adultery-948852-galleryariations) to the other three the devil has hijacked over the years: diversity, choice, and tolerance.

Picture: A depiction of Christ helping the woman taken in adultery. He was asking her to change her behavior. Today, people fail to let Christ help them change, and rather, ask everyone to accept their behavior. 

There is an interesting word that shows up in the scriptures. It is “wrest.” It means to “twist, distort, or pervert, in the sense of accommodating.” In our day, people have twisted, distorted, and perverted the words of diversity, choice, tolerance, and now inclusiveness. Why? So as to get accommodation for a life that is often contrary to the nature of righteousness. These words are popular among people who support the false idea of moral relativism. Continue reading

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