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Joseph Smith—A Precious Commodity in the Theological Arsenal

I just finished The Truman G. Madsen Story: A Life of Study and Faith. It is a remarkable biography. Truman was a prominent philosopher and theologian. He wrote and spoke constantly in all parts of the world. He had friends in all political and religious persuasions. He wtruman-madsenas a Latter-day Saint.

One unique aspect of Truman’s scholarly path is his acknowledgment of the first Latter-day Saint prophet, Joseph Smith. A 19th century man who lived only 38 years and yet brought forth volumes of words, (and volumes more unrecorded). An individual who prophesied and performed miracles, a man who stood boldly before enemies and earnestly before followers. For many, Joseph Smith’s doctrines dissolved an unfamiliar God, to a living, knowable being, who Jesus Christ intimately called, Father.

This resonated with Truman G. Madsen. He felt that knowing and pursuing our true relation to Deity was of utmost importance. He attributed to Joseph Smith’s teachings and revelations, his own discovery of his intimate path back to the Son, and with the Son, to the Father. Continue reading

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Reasonable Morality Requires Us to Vote for Neither

A few weeks before the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton a U.S. Congressman from the Democratic Party stood on the floor of the House of Representatives and said: “We need to stop destroying imperfect people at the altar of an unobtainable morality.” You can read and listen to the gobbledygook speech for yourself.   virtue-vice

Not every man acts and talks like Donald Trump. Not every man acts and talks
like Bill Clinton. Nor does every woman enable such men and discredit so many women like Hillary Clinton. Not every man commits adultery with multiple women. Not every man seeks sexual contact with a married woman. Not every married man flirts with women. Not every woman protects her husband’s immoral, hostile behavior while ignoring the consequences and sorrows of others, who were publicly displayed in his dishonorable path.

Morality is obtainable. It should be sought for diligently. It is reasonable to expect government leaders to be honest and upright in their personal lives. There are virtuous people who have grown in moral discipline. Many people have honored a life of fidelity in their marriage covenant. Continue reading

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