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The Ease of Riches is the Fire of Hell

Image resultI just finished the book, The Vanishing American Adult; subtitled, Our Coming-of-Age Crisis and How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance. Senator Ben Sasse [Nebraska] is the author.

I have to give him credit he doesn’t come out swinging at millennials. He doesn’t demean them and compare them to the older generation. He approaches arguments and suggestions for “righting the ship” as a collective problem and a collective effort. We all need to help each other become better, more resilient, self-reliant adults. He makes a strong case on how to resurrect grit, virtue, and a strong work ethic. Which may be the antidote for our nature of over-consuming and growing dependency. It is a good read, especially for young couples who are at the front end of rearing children, or grandparents desiring to influence grandchildren.

At the time I was reading this book my wife discovered a story from the life of her 4th great-grandfather, James Holt. In short, there was lucrative mine. James Holt and one of his son’s discovered the underground vault of riches. The initial minerals taken from it were tested and sanctioned as very fine indeed. James saw a respite from his hard labors.

And then a dinner guest. Continue reading

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