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How Jehovah Feels About Jerusalem

President Trump’s Administration, via Nikki Haley our Ambassador to the United Nations, has confirmed that Jerusalem will be recognized as Israel’s capital.

Why are so many world leaders against this? I think one word can identify why so many hate Israel—ENVY. But that is not what I want to address.

Jerusalem was first known as Salem, city of peace. Salem was the home of Melchizedek, a righteous high priest for Jehovah. Melchizedek was held in high regard as an exemplary king of Salem (about 2000 BC; see Genesis 14:18). The patriarch Abraham paid his tithes to this great man, at Salem. (Hebrews  7:1‒8). According to Joseph Smith the Prophet, Melchizedek and his people were translated as the city of Enoch had been hundreds of years before them (See Genesis 5). Continue reading

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