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After obtaining his Master of Education from Weber State University in 2004, Ryan began writing opinion pieces for Northern Utah newspapers on family, freedom, politics, and religion. He was a blogger on the subject of faith for two years; many of his posts were featured on realclearreligion.org. He was also an associate editor for Great American Documents for Latter-Day Saint Families (2012). He has  contributed to Lifezette.com (Faith section). Professionally, he has experience in business, public relations, and public speaking, along with religious education. He has been teaching and writing for 18 years. Ryan and his wife Melissa have six children. They reside in Columbia, Missouri.

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4 thoughts on “About Ryan

  1. Andrea Garlock

    Found you were on The Cultural Hall Podcast and about fell off the couch! Excited to read the book!! Had huge flashback to when you taught me in seminary 2000 ans 2001 and the class burning of my shirt. Incredible years.

      1. Andrea Garlock

        Haha figured you couldn’t forget that. Kinda doesn’t happen every set of classes, well that and having the same student for 4-5 semesters and one institute course. Haha things are ok. Really tough. Single mom of 2 kids. Who’d of thought?


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