My son is currently serving an LDS mission in Salvador Brazil. He left as an eighteen-year-old a few months out of high school. He has been on his mission now for 8 months. Though he is only allowed to FaceTime twice a year and correspond via email once a week, his mother and I have noticed a substantial change. His mental, emotional, and spiritual faculties are being developed and fine-tuned.

He now speaks fluent Beautiful American FlagPortuguese. He speaks of service and faith in Jesus Christ. He is learning about loyalty and discipline. He is changing.

When he returns home in 16 months, will he recognize change in me? His mother? His brothers and sisters? How have I developed in my mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities? Will I be a better husband, father, and friend when he returns?

I have also been pondering if he will notice change in America and her citizenry. At this point I would have to say, America is changing—Americans are not.

We have had lots of change over the past few years, but a shattering of hope. We have dismissed the principles of morality for the philosophies of non-sense. Are we actually talking about gender neutral bathrooms? The symbols being created and the pronouns being changed to accommodate the madness is sad, yet laughable.

Everyone wants to talk about equality. How about we talk about inequality because of sin and transgression. Let’s have less talk about accepting someone’s behavior and more talk about us changing personal behaviors that accelerate inequality. But these discussions are non-existent in our dialogue. One reason is that fewer and fewer people are sincerely worshiping on a regular basis. The importance of religion is declining in the hearts and minds of people. Yet, religion, which in infers a binding back to God, strengthens our resolve to be  accountable to law and order. Religious people sustain liberty. A secular society accelerates social problems.

Look at all the inequality because of adultery and immorality. Consider the inequality that comes from adults who have broken their marriage covenant or brought children into existence with no thought or willingness to be responsible. Nearly 44 percent of babies are born out of wedlock. Oh the inequality such individuals have thrust upon their children!

The sins and transgression of pornography, drunkenness, and gambling accelerate inequality. The heightened attention to perversions, (which most perversions are a chosen life of disobedience rather than a mental disorder), have caused more contention and division. America isn’t better off accommodating those, who the apostle Paul called “lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God” (see 2 Timothy 3:1-6). As we see the disintegration of the family we see greater numbers of disoriented people. Government backed programs can’t solve these problems. People need to use their agency to change and break cycles of sin.

Like freedom, equality must be earned. It must be earned through obedience to divine law. What have we done with traditional boundaries of morality and virtue which provided stability and protection in society’s public environments and in the homes of America?

We have great reasons to rejoice in the blessings the Lord has extended to us as a people. But we go on in ignorance, indifference, and all out mockery of divine standards. There is a correlation of blessings and powers our Creators can extend with our discipline and obedience to their divine laws.

We must change. Each of us must change and be brought to light and understanding that our Heavenly Father wants us to govern our life by. We are, in greater numbers, individually and in families, strangers to our Heavenly Father. We must excuse the philosophies of non-sense and change our carnal natures. We must be reconciled to our Father with the Help of His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Savior’s invitation was to repent—to change. Nowhere did he say go on in your perversions, your hypocrisies, your murders, and your wickedness. He asks each of us to change.

Do you see that change in some? Do some see that change in you?

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  1. Tami

    Very well spoken! Thank you for sharing. I am currently going through a divorce because my husband has fallen to the immorality of this world and is trying to expose our children to his lifestyle with the woman he has committed adultery with. What is this life coming to when temple covenants mean nothing? I hope many read your article and wake up and repent. Thanks again for sharing. God bless you for sharing.


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