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The Assassination of Joseph Smith: Innocent Blood on the Banner of Liberty

Assassination-of-Joseph-Smith_978-1-4621-1649-2Joseph Smith is heralded as a prophet by some and held in contempt by others. Loyal members of the Church, varied historians, and his most vehement critics, then and now, can at least agree on one thing: He was murdered in cold blood. The Assassination of Joseph Smith is written in a clear narrative style and is sure to capture the attention of the reader.
The Book of Mormon Study Guide: Start to Finish

The Book of Mormon Study Guide: Start to Finish

The Book of Mormon Study Guide: Start to Finish is a comprehensive, question-and-answer commentary that draws from thousands of the very best insights on the scriptures, including those from General Authorities, Church magazines and manuals, the most respected scholarly commentaries, scripture reference books, and other publications. This comprehensive volume brings the most unique, most compelling, and most insightful comments on the Book of Mormon together into one place to help you get more out of your personal scripture study. As we ask inspired questions and seek a deeper understanding of the scriptures, we invite personal revelation to help us in our challenging and ever-changing journey of life.

Great American Documents for Latter-day Saints Families (Associate Editor)

Have you ever tried to read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, but found them difficult to understand? Would you like to see evidence of God’s hand througho812NKDctT2Lut the unique history of the United States? Great American Documents for Latter-day Saint Families discusses several vital documents of American freedom and liberty—as well as providing background on the key leaders who helped create these documents and establish our remarkable heritage—showing how these documents laid the foundation of this great nation and provided a cradle for the Restoration of the Gospel. Based on the format of the other books in the Latter-day Saint Families series, this book provides historical background and prophetic insights, thought-provoking questions, and rich images that help explain our nation’s history. This family-friendly book is an essential resource for parents, students, teachers, scout leaders, and public officials. Guaranteed to inform and sure to inspire, this book will become a favorite for all who love their God, family, and country and who want to keep the embers of freedom burning bright.

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The Book of Mormon Study Guide: From Start to Finish (Associate Editor)
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