Governor Greitens I Have One Question: Did you take a picture?

Once again, the immoral guillotine falls. Once again, we are left with an elected official scrambling to cover past sin.

Immorality is the rotten fruit of ego and ambition. Ego, ambition, and immorality foster a combative nature, which some are arguing is evident in Missouri’s political arena. Boasting in one’s strength and wisdom usually ends with public embarrassment.

What happens in basements eventually is declared from the housetops. The Savior warned of such hypocrisy when he stated, “whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops” (Luke 12:2).

A secular way to say it would be: what happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas.

Near the end of his five-year period as president, Calvin Coolidge noted, “It is difficult for men (women) in high office to avoid the malady of self-delusion. They are always surrounded by worshippers. They are constantly, and for the most part sincerely, assured of their greatness. They live in an artificial atmosphere of adulation and exaltation which sooner or later impairs their judgment. They are in grave danger of becoming careless and arrogant.”

Political office leads bad men and women to ruin. Political office can be a severe test to even the most honorable men and women. Perhaps we ought to quit being worshippers. Perhaps it’s time to scrap the artificial atmosphere that promotes filthy stinking pride.

Genuine politics of course comes from genuine candidates, elected officials and, more so, a genuine electorate. Our frustration with the plastic political process can only be shattered by a genuine course correction. This requires public servants and those seeking office to say things that people at first will not want to hear, yet will be willing to accept. The day of flattery is going to have to give way to the day of warning and a day of cleansing.

Govern Greitens I have one question: Did you take a picture?

If you did, please resign. It reeks of blackmail. It reeks of perversion. You weren’t honest with the citizens of Missouri before the election. Absolute honesty is the indication of a changed man. A contrite and forthright man will obtain forgiveness and mercy, which is more important than retaining a seat in government while plagued with the “malady of self-delusion.”

These are troublesome days, difficult days. We need men and women in high office who are pure of heart. Individuals who are receptive to wisdom and sound judgment. Character traits Governor Greitens can reclaim starting in his own heart and in his own home, not the halls of government.


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