Indifference Befriends Ignorance

Indifference befriends ignorance. But it is a terrible friendship. It is time we help each other see meaning and relevancy in our position as Americans. Where we started, what we have achieved, and why it matters.

Historical figures and lessons are being challenged by contemporary ignorance. Our past of confrontations and triumphs are being undercut by ignorance. It is dangerous in our day when we have so much and did so little to get it. It is disappointing in our day when we have a rich legacy of historical lessons and we can’t appreciate them.

Some are destroying and vandalizing historical memorials out of a fabricated contempt for individuals and people who lived 150 to 200 years ago. In whom present-day antagonist have read very little or nothing about. Neither have they studied and pondered the context of the culture and times in which these Americans lived.

Their dislike and disrespect appears to be ostentatious protests encouraged by cameras. Image driven individuals who have found an avenue through a handful of confused and combative news producers. As well as the highly available platform of social media.

Personal character of past American leaders and citizens is something we should all pause to consider. The character emanating from those destroying, protesting, and petitioning a purge of our history, are questionably sculpted by a lesser power than the very historical figures they disdain and want to destroy. Their ignorance has blinded their reason and publicized their hypocrisy.

For this reason, it is alarming that university, city, and state officials, and a handful in the private realm, are renouncing historical figures because they are afraid of a few activists who are not angels themselves. Again, indifference befriends ignorance. It is a terrible friendship. Civic and business leaders shouldn’t be afraid to end the relationship. It is undercutting knowledge and law. Pillars in our republican form of government.

I have read enough history to familiarize myself with the weaknesses of our founding fathers and mothers. But I have also familiarized myself with their profound strengths which led to the birth of important national ideals. A nation which established foundations to honor man’s agency and eradicate slavery. 

One problem is we don’t read anymore, we scroll. We don’t ponder and reflect. We react. And some media only want to show the reaction of the indifferent and the ignorant. Strange as it must be, calamities like the merciless Hurricane Harvey that dumped trillions of gallons of water on southeast Texas, subdue indifference and ignorance. Unity, kindness, fortitude, and knowledge surface in so many wonderful citizens.

As this happens, the real news stories begin to unfold. Hopefully it won’t continually take calamities to remind us who we are because of what we have overcome.

We cannot be saved until we have risen above all our enemies, not the least of which is ignorance.”
Joseph Smith



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