Joseph Smith Is No Longer Entirely Alone in the World

Joseph Smith is No Longer Entirely Alone in the WorldRecent article published on

John Reynolds, a U.S. Congressmen from Illinois in the 1830’s and 1840’s hosted Joseph Smith when he visited Washington D.C. in the winter of 1839-1840. After several opportunities to be in Smith’s presence and hear him speak both privately, with dignitaries, and the public in large gatherings, Reynolds observed: No one can for tell the destiny of this sect, and it would be blasphemy, at this day, to compare its founder to the Savior, but, nevertheless it may become veritable history, in a thousand years, that the standing and character of Joseph Smith as a prophet, may rank equal to any of the prophets who have preceded him.”

Reynolds’ comment leaves us to believe that he recognized a prophetic nature in Joseph.

Joseph Smith never pretended to be a Savior. He did declare he was a prophet called by the Savior to restore the fulness of the gospel. The good tree is bringing forth good fruit.

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