Let Us All Press On

My wife reminded me of this stirring version of “Let Us All Press On” that was performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir last October. Its crescendo is moving, but the message is crucial.

I appreciated the choir’s performance of “America, the Beautiful” at the presidential inauguration. But it would have been thrilling to hear them introduce this hymn, “Let Us All Press On.”

In a day of “fake news,” and “alternate facts” we need to be reminded that truth is eternal. Each of us must be more devoted and loyal to truth and less beholden to the deceptions of a profane world. As Elder Neal A. Maxwell once said, we must trudge through this world discerning “Celestial sense from secular nonsense.”

Truth can be discerned, discovered, and understood. Joseph Smith once said, “truth will cut its own way.”  Indeed it does. Falsities and corruption eventually are exposed as the path of truth cuts its way. There is a right way and a glorious cause for our existence. Fortunately, living on American soil, we are not inhibited seeking after truth and righteousness.

This song (go to link above) reminds us to press on, don’t fear, and have courage as we seek to stand for truth and to do right. Notwithstanding the chaos and confusion and the divisions and dissensions so prevalent today, if we seek Heavenly Father’s help, we will find and wisely plant ourselves on the path of truth. He will prosper the cause of truth.

Let us all press on, wisely using our God given gift of agency.

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