Let’s Hope for Another 1860 Presidential Election

The 1860 presidential election produced Abraham Lincoln.1860 election

Those were days of serious difficulty. Contention, division, and anger settled in many hearts. People refused to compromise and allowed their filthy stinking pride to submerge our nation into absolute bloody turmoil.

I sometimes wonder if far too many people think that current contentions, division, and anger would never lead to bloodshed, to sectionalism, to the breakdown of law and order. I think evidence is growing right before eyes. It will take a unique discernment in a leader (in national leaders).

I hope some one will come forward (maybe not on the political map yet), and the people will yet choose wisely in both parties. Brokered conventions may be the best thing that happens this political season. Especially if other undeclared candidates can be considered.

In 1860 four men vied for the office of president. Breckinridge, a southern democrat; Douglas a northern Democrat; Bell of the Constitutional Union Party; and of course Lincoln a Republican. Lincoln won with 40% of the vote. The division actually opened the door for Lincoln and set the course correction the nation so desperately needed. A very heavy burden (war is hell) was bearing down upon the people. However, the right person was in the White House at the right time.

The contention, division, and anger aren’t going to dissolve any day soon. That is why we need a good, honest, and wise leader in place. We should sincerely hope for and uphold someone with sound character.

I actually welcome the commotion and uncertainty of this political cycle. Maybe it will open the door for the right person. The way it’s looking, there could be four divisions again—a split in both parties. Many of Bernie’s young followers want nothing do with Clinton and have stated they will not vote for her. Trump talks of an independent run. I hope the conventions at least produce other options. But I worry perception trumps principle. Lincoln was known to say, “The Lord particularly loved plain people, for he had made so many of them.” But for some reason we can’t get a plain person in the presidential chair.

I just read this morning, “Sadly, in today’s world, a person’s importance is often judged by the size of the audience before which he or she performs. That is how media and sports programs are rated, how corporate prominence is sometimes determined, and often how governmental rank is obtained.” (See Elder Ballard’s remarks)

We can’t be duped this election cycle. We need a plain, logical person in place.lincoln

Romney’s speech on March 3, 2016 may just have been the catalyst to a four stage election. Divisions are coming. This may sound contrary, but I can only hope. Perhaps 35-40% of American’s who still understand what it means to be an American and live according to law and correct principles, will be able to elect the right person. The two stage drama this election cycle will not produce the individual we need.

Thank goodness enough people looked on the heart of a man and not his countenance in the 1860 election (see 1 Samuel 16:7). Watch out for fame and flattery they only fuel rebellion, division, and anger.

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