Pen Name Politics

Ours is a day of retribution and disparagement. It is a day of overly sensitive, easily offended, and threatening individuals. Perhaps people would acknowledge what really ails America and what is truly noble about her if they could do so without employment or religious title, party loyalty and platform, or economic and educational labels; let alone age and gender.

So, what about resurrecting pen names in political dialogue?

What if good logical writers and thinkers successful in another genre wanted to offer some words in the political realm? Perhaps people want to contribute to civic dialogue but worry positions and words will be taken out of context or misconstrued some future day. Speaking of the day, perhaps their day job doesn’t permit them to offer a voice. Perhaps they would more readily contribute to the voice of reason and virtue if they didn’t have to combat an assault on their character (those Latin inclined it would be called, Ad hominem). We’ve strayed from respectful consideration of the argument and position, and how to compromise, to attacking the individual.

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