The Immoral Guillotine Releasing Hourly

Politicians, movie stars, media executives are continually lining up behind the immoral guillotine. Most are being exposed and forced into the line, few sheepishly join the line by their own admission.

Aggressive immoral men are not localized. But neither are aggressive immoral women. Has our casual, and in some cases disturbing approach to sexual behavior and practices led us over a steep cliff of degeneration? What is making so many prominent men and millions of others act as they do? Why aren’t we asking who is producing pornography? Why do we not confront the effects of the material? Why don’t we start having discussions on ridding ourselves of the luring and sexually manipulating content that comes out of the entertainment industries and pushed by advertisers?

How does one’s heart and mind get to that point of perverse behavior? Where is the sexual aggression, the adultery, the promiscuousness, the sexual weirdness all stemming from? Most importantly, why is fidelity before and after marriage being ignored.

We have been long overdue in making America moral again. But I would prefer the change of heart and behavior to occur personally. The restitution without tabloid tones and without cameras and images and constant reports blaring publicly the faces and stories of those in the immoral guillotine line.

America can’t be great unless it’s moral. Of course John Adams told us up front: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” The point is he wisely saw that a moral and religiously inclined people could be self-governed. They could prosper and enjoy protection from all kinds of aggression.

Unfortunately, we have turned the law of morality—chastity—into fifty shades of grey. Which in turn has produced numerous aggressions. The scriptures and modern prophets confirm these truths regarding sexual relations: “The Lord’s standard regarding sexual purity is clear and unchanging. Do not have any sexual relations before marriage, and be completely faithful to your spouse after marriage. Do not allow the media, your peers, or others to persuade you that sexual intimacy before marriage is acceptable. It is not. In God’s sight, sexual sins are extremely serious. They defile the sacred power God has given us to create life.” It also ruins the happy healthy intimate life the Lord intended for two souls becoming one.

The scriptures teach this. So I recommend the purging of immorality include a reading of the scriptures and less reading on the internet of who is next in the immoral guillotine line.

In 1998 one congressman, in attempt to justify Bill Clinton’s immoral behavior and avoid his impeachment stated: “Our founding fathers created a system of government of men, not of angels. No one standing in this House today can pass a Puritanical test of purity that some are demanding that our elected leaders take. If we demand that mere mortals live up to this standard, we will see our seats of government lay empty, and we will see the best, most able people unfairly cast out of public service. We need to stop destroying imperfect people at the altar of an unobtainable morality.”

Hmm….. I suppose mocking your wedding covenant is just what people do. I guess it’s okay to lie to your spouse and deceive family and other associates. All while using the excuse, it’s “unobtainable.”

Absolute nonsense.

Everyone has imperfections. But not all manipulate women for sexual pleasure. Not everyone is an adulterer. There are imperfect people who live with a great measure of honesty and decency. There are imperfect people who love to make lies and revel in selfishness. A big difference.

I disagree with this former congressman. Morality is obtainable!

Millions of individuals have chosen virtue and chastity before marriage. Millions more have acknowledged youthful mistakes and chosen virtue and chastity since their marriage. There are those who haven’t married who have chosen a path of virtue and chastity.

We should thank morally strong people. We should elect them. We should hope they produce music, movies, and a variety of content to inspire and entertain. It is these highly qualified people that should fulfill public service in all matters.

And I believe there are many to fill the void left by those who must experience the immoral guillotine set up into today’s public square.



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1 thought on “The Immoral Guillotine Releasing Hourly

  1. Hank

    This isn’t anything new. The shroud surrounding it is simply beginning to fall. Men’s hearts have failed them. We should all be ready to defend ourselves from such darkness, because it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.


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